When choosing between an open office, private office, and combination office layout, assess which design would best suit your industry, employee preferences, and job functions.

What’s an Open office/ Co working Space? An arrangement in which employees from different companies share an office space through the use of common infrastructure. Open offices place colleagues of different firms within close proximity to each other, giving them the chance to communicate freely, which can be both good and bad for the company.
Some of the advantages of Open office/ Co working Space: -
1. Easy access & interaction with different organization.
2. Free flowing ideas
3. Networking
4. When you are not sure and want to test waters, work is at a project level. Starting with open space requires no commitment, you can simply quit with minimal investment.
5. Vibrant and colorful atmosphere. You are not bored to see same faces daily at your work place, it’s a café life atmosphere.

What’s a Private office Space? An enclosed lockable office space situated within a shared environment offering an ideal compromise between privacy and the reduced costs of a shared office. Private offices allow workers a better chance to focus on their work without distractions; however, collaboration is limited.

Some of the advantages of Private office spaces: -
1.Privacy: A private office provides a good privacy for confidential work and discussions. A safe enclosure for your precious data, technology, clientele and ideas.
2.Personal Atmosphere: A sense of prestige or importance to concerned staff promotes the personal atmosphere in a private office.
3.Focus: There is an absence of uninvited noise in a private office. Hence, greater concentration of mind is possible. This gives room for improvement on efficiency of Staff.
4.Tidy Appearance: A private office can be tidier and less regimented. Overcrowding or congestion is also eliminated.
5.Healthy Atmosphere: Better lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling are available in private office. There is no transmission of diseases from one person to another.

Though coworking is one of the trending things among millennials also called “the move on generation”, private office spaces within a shared common premise is a preferred choice among most corporations and is expected to grow much more in year 2020.